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Econic’s consulting, training, and collaborative network of innovators helps companies become more agile, adaptable, and fearless in the face of new business models, technologies, and an ever-changing marketplace.

We help forward-thinking enterprises innovate faster and more effectively to answer the tough questions. 

  • How do you build capabilities to create a culture of learning, speed, and adaptability? 
  • How do you grow your existing business, while simultaneously exploring & reinventing the company? 
  • How do you navigate the forces of innovation & remain fearless in the face of uncertainty?

Our proven consulting, coaching, and matchmaking services help teams become more nimble, entrepreneurial, and customer-focused giving them the skills to exploit the present and explore the future.

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At Econic we first help companies understand the context of innovation inside and outside the organization. We help them map and align their vision and goals to their opportunities and capabilities. 

We then work together to create an innovation engine that powers a consistent ability for teams to generate, filter and execute on new ideas/products/services to create actionable, measurable, and sustainable results. This engine for growth and experimentation de-risks innovation while accelerating growth.

Econic provides the tools, techniques, coaching, and confidence you need. Reach out and we'll show you how.


Accelerators • Training • Workshops • Coaching


Accelerators • Training • Workshops • Coaching

Forward-Thinking Enterprises Agree

New innovation tools and tactics from Lean Startup to Design Thinking are thriving in corporate environments. 

Their adoption is driven by companies who want to move fast, think big, and change the status quo of innovation in large enterprises.

At Econic, we help people and companies innovate... faster. Our proven consulting, coaching, and matchmaking services help companies become more nimble, entrepreneurial and customer-focused, giving them the skills to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Innovation Bootcamps

Want to instill a little innovation cultureand expose teams to new ways of thinking and moving at startup speed?  Econic’s 3-day innovation bootcamps give employees a taste of what it takes to design, test, and iterate at lightning speed.

Accelerator Programs

Econic offers intensive 12-week Accelerator Programs designed for product teams to learn the tools and techniques of Lean Startup with on-demand coaching on new product development

Design Sprints & Experiment Workshops

Learn to design and build experiments that move your product development forward while de-risking assumptions.

Executive Workshops

Train the leaders in your organization on the latest methods to clear the path for innovation while fostering organic growth and strong company culture.

Coach Training

Need to create a bench of star Lean Startup coaches to support multiple innovation initiatives and new product development? Let our coach training program keep your coaches up-to-date and certified in the latest techniques, examples, and learnings in the world of innovation.


Contact us to learn how to think, move, and execute at startup speed.