This week is all about on-demand insurance! 

Cuvva is the place to go for on-demand auto insurance coverage. Imagine getting into a friend's car or taxi - do they have enough insurance to cover you if you were in an accident? Cuvva allows you to getan instant insurance plan for a short chunk of time (think hourly) via an app. Currently it is only available in the UK. After recently completing the Barclay's Accelerator, they've continued to pick up investment andpress - definitely one to keep an eye on. What else needs coverage for just a short period of time?

How about airline flights? For just a few dollars a flight, Sure will issue you a life insurance policy from takeoff to landing. Now while air travel is actually one of the safest ways to get from here to there, it is still one of the most feared forms of travel and Sure can give your loved ones a little peace of mind while you're above the clouds. It will be interesting to watch their adoption rate as reports are showing that, even millenials, still prefer to buy insurance from agents.

And finally, on-demand protection for your stuff via Trov. What's really intriguing about Trov is the ability to turn on and off the protection for your camera, phone, bike, etc. via a simple toggle switch on the app. Imagine the ability to switch on/off insurance depending on the situation you find yourself in. It is currently available in Australia and the UK, but they are looking at a US launch in 2017. And with a reported $25.5M USD in recent funding, they are one of the top on-demand insurance companies to watch.