Welcome to the FinTech Weekly - this week we talk warranties, chatty Euros and custom insurance.

Upsie promises to be the new way to warranty your favorite gadgets or gizmos, as well as bringing the management of the claims process into the 21st century. It's a competitor to SquareTrade, but reportedly at a substantial discount. Check out their website or app for instant quotes and search the Reddit threads to see their customer service in action. From an innovation perspective, it will be interesting to see what they can do with the macro product and repair data. Upsie is currently in the VilCap FinTech US 2016 cohort.

Moneymail.me is a cross between Venmo and WhatsApp with an international flair. The app has some decent chat functionality, with the added bonus of being able to send money to your contacts. You can currently send money in US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds. Bonus: a unique philanthropic component that allows you to donate to popular charities. The big question for us...is the app trying to do too much and will they get users to adopt it as their chat AND quick money-share platform?

FitSense is a big data play to offer health and insurance companies the ability to personalize products for customers and open new sales channels. Check out the video of their pitch at the end of the Startupbootcamp InsureTech accelerator program. It was born out of a data aggregation project for medical researchers who wanted to tap into all of the data being created by wearables and other smartphone tracking applications. It got me thinking, what would the world look like with adjustable rate life-insurance plans that are constantly rewarding or penalizing you for behavior choices? Their founding team has an interesting mix of hardware/AI and data mining background, so they appear to be solid on first glance. FitSense is currently most of the way through theTech Founders accelerator in Munich...so be looking out for additional fundraising news on them as the program concludes.

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