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Corporations are learning to implement and employees are learning to evangelize for these methodologies. Learn from other company's scars in this Bets Hits album.

Most of the episodes were recorded at Lean Startup Week SF last year. 


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1. Tristan Kromer Injects Lean Startup in Large Organizations

Lean Startup and Innovation Ecosystems. Author of the popular GrasshopperHerder blog. 

2. Practical Application of Lean Startup for Product Managers

BMW's Venture Client model was designed to attract the best Auto startup talent. Selected startups get access to top engineers and future tech. Plus, they get BMW as a customer ("Client"). 

3Lean Startup in Everyday Innovation with Telefonica R&D

Lean's role in transformative R&D. 

4. Practice Application of Lean Startup for Product Managers

Dan Olsen walks through a six-step process to help with Lean transformation on multiple levels of leadership.

5. Product Design from the Author of Scaling Lean and Running Lean

Ten years as a Lean Startup coach on the product design mistake most innovators make. 

6. John Deere's First Lean Startup Coach 

Recorded at Lean Startup Week in SF, Eric Shultz talks with Josh about why John Deere decided to establish Lean Startup in a number of business segments. 

7. Lean Startup in Product Design from the author of "UX for Lean Startups"

Laura Klein helps big companies get their Lean feet under them. She was working with Eric Ries when he developed the Lean Startup methodology. 

8. Implementing Lean with Executive Support at Capital One

This all gets easier when your CEO buys in.