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Innovation Outposts and the Evolution of Corporate R&D - Evangelos Simoudis, Articles

In this 4-part series of articles, Evangelos breaks down the state of Innovation Outposts in and beyond the Valley. The articles are brief and packed with citations, offering the best overview of Innovation Outposts you'll find online for free.

How to Avoid Innovation Theater: The 6 Decisions to Make Before Establishing an Innovation Outpost - Steve Blank, Article  

This is the third in the series mentioned above. We included it for those who haven't visited Steve's site yet. Steve co-authored the series with Evangelos and publishes his own blog that is also worth following. 

How Corporations Can Do Innovation - YouTube Panel, 1+ hour

For those looking away from Netflix tonight, this is "a fireside chat on 'The Future of Disruptive Innovation' with the two authors mentioned above, Steve and Evangelos. 


Corporate Venture Capital

Masters of Corporate Venture Capital: Collective Wisdom from 50 VCs - Book

A Kindle book for $34? Worth it. The author, Andrew Romans, vetted CVCs and asked only the questions they were best suited to answer. Responses to each question are typically 1-3 pages, so the book doesn't drag, and it is not fluff. 

Database of CVC Deals - Global Corporate Venturing


Search CVC deals. 

GCV Symposium 2015 The Tipping Point for Corporate Venturing - YouTube Video, 31 min

Global Corporate Venturing is focused exclusively on CVCs. This is a panel from one of their conferences last year. ConoccoPhilipps, GM, Nokia and Siemens carry on a light conversation about their recent strategies.

The 56 Most Active CVCs Globally - CB Insights, Article

CB collected charts, tables and other data surrounding CVC. This page will give you a scope of the CVC ecosystem and point you towards some company pages you might want to explore. 

Investing in Breakthrough Corporate Venture Capital - Volans, Report

"As part of Volans' Breakthrough Capitalism program, we are proud to present a research report that reveals how some leading corporate venture capital (CVC) funds are investing in deals that provide financial return as well as social and/or environmental impact - and how, over time, more might do so." 

Corporate Venture Capital's Reputation Challenge - Econic, Article

 "Investor relations aside, new venture arms are worried that the broader reputation in the community will cripple their program's chances of signing the next industry unicorn." 

Christina Bechhold from Samsung's Global Innovation Center - I/O Podcast, 18 min.

Christina invests in startups for Samsung. We invited her to on to find out how investing as a corporate contrasts with traditional VC life, what sort of challenges she faces attracting great startups and how Samsung focuses their scope. 

Benchmarking Corporate Venture Capital  - CB Insights, Article

More from CB. Where has CVC been and where is it going? As always with CB, data. 

IFGS2016 Panel: Corporate Venture Capital with Santander Innoventures, Infosys, Citi and CME Group - Innovate Finance, Video

A panel of CVCs from the above companies discuss ROI, term sheets, reputations, and more on the state of Corporate Venture Capital.  

Evangelos Simoudis on Corporate VCs, Incubators and Startup AcquisitionsCollective Campus, Podcast

"Many corporations, unfortunately, confuse the establishment of a venture arm or the establishment of an accelerator as doing innovation. What I try to impart on them is that these are enablers to innovation, but by themselves they do not constitute innovation." 



Corporate Accelerators

Database of Corporate Accelerators  - Corporate Accelerator DB

 An extensive list of active corporate accelerators. 

Corporate Accelerators: What's In It For the Big Companies?  - Forbes, 2016

"Whether a corporate chooses to invest in the startups they accelerate or not, they have a unique opportunity to cooperate with relevant companies who go through the program."

4 Controversial Learnings After Setting Up a Corporate Accelerator  - Daniele Dondi, LinkedIn Article

Daniele manages the Accelerator program at ING. He wrote about some of the unexpected lessons through ING Innovation Labs' first 2 years. 

Using Corporate Incubators and Accelerators to Drive Disruptive Innovation - Evangelos Simoudis, Article

"Corporations are establishing incubators, e.g., Samsung, and accelerators, e.g., Orange, in order to advance their disruptive innovation initiatives. They are doing so on their own, e.g., Samsung, Swisscom, or in partnership with independent accelerators, e.g., Disney, Microsoft, and Barclays have partnered with Techstars. "

Daniele Dondi from the ING Innovation Studio  - I/O Podcast, 13 min.  

We liked his article so much we asked Daniele to join the I/O Podcast.  This is Part I. Part II can also be found through this link. 

Aya Zook from Microsoft Accelerator - I/O Podcast, 24 minutes

Microsoft operates one of the most well respected accelerator programs in the world. A recent graduate of the program told us he "couldn't believe they were so selfless." We invited Aya Zook, Accelerator Director, on to the I/O Podcast to hear more about it.  

Checklist to Create Your Own Innovation Accelerator - Board of Innovation, Article

"Each organization has drivers and barriers (stakeholders, processes, market situations...) that make or break your accelerator. Drivers boost the chances of success. Brakes might slow you down or in the worst case kill your accelerator."

Why Corporate Accelerators Fail - and What to do About It - RocketSpace, Article

"For these reasons, internal accelerators take a lot in terms of resources and person-power to manage. They require heavy R&D, extensive prep work, and a high-touch approach to program administration." 

How Corporate Giants are Getting Startups On-Side - Telegraph, Article

"These "corporate accelerator" schemes - which usually involve a competitive application process, a multi-week programme of developing products and refining business plans and a final pitch to win funding - have sprung up at several FTSE 100 stalwarts, including Diageo, Barclays and Pearson."

Cooperation Between Startups and Corporations in Europe - OpenAxel, Whitepaper

"Barclays started its acceleration programme (then named London Escalator) in 2014. Quickly however expanded to other countries and now operates also in Manchester, Vilnius, Cape Town and New York (in the US Barclay’s accelerator is run by Techstars)."

How We Created a Lean Accelerator Inside a Big Corporate - Digital Shoreditch Festival, Video

Microsoft Ventures: "When we started we had a very minuscule budget and a dream. We wanted to launch an accelerator in London, we wanted to help startups grow...I came in and within 5 weeks I had launched a pilot. This was very atypical for Microsoft."


Innovation Labs

So Many Corporate Innovation Labs, So Little Innovation - Saul Kaplan, Medium Article

"Lab projects are prioritized and funded to produce new products, services and tech-enabled capabilities that will improve performance of today's business. The projects compete for resources based on financial metrics relevant to the current business model." 

Innovation Labs Report - Innovation Leader, Report

"Ask ten companies, and you’ll get ten different answers. But we increasingly see large companies creating something they call a lab as a way to cultivate and test new ideas, separate from the demands and pressures of the business units. More often than not, they exist within companies that haven’t traditionally had research and development teams. For our Q1 report on innovation labs, we talked to more than 20 executives..."

From AT&T to Xerox: 52 Corporate Innovation Labs  CB Insights, Article

 CB's updated list of significant Innovation Labs. 

How to Build a Corporate Innovation Lab That Works- Steve Blank, Evangelos Simoudis -

"In addition to getting plugged into the ecosystem's network, the first role of the outpost is to partner. These partnerships may take the form of Proof of Concept projects with startups, getting to know VC firms and their portfolios, and getting familiar with university groups doing research in the established strategic problems. (The outpost may invest in a few startups in this stage, but that's not the goal.)


Venture client 

Why BMW Invented the Venture Client Model - Econic, Article

“Basically we asked, ‘What can we offer to the best startup on earth with the best technology, lots of cash, and the most talent to get them to come to us and not to someone else?’ The best thing we could offer is to be their first — hence, venture— client."

The Making of an Innovation Collaborative - Econic, Article

"This next addition will move a space beyond coworking to become a complete Innovation Collaborative — a deliberate mixing of startups, corporations, and expertise in a space designed to enable collisions and collaboration with a diverse community of innovators and executors."

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