Covered in Corporate Venture Capital

  • Strategic and Financial objectives of a CVC arm 
  • How can you position yourself as an ideal investment partner for disruptive startups in your space?
  • How are other large companies approaching and optimizing CVC operations?

Masters of Corporate Venture Capital: Collective Wisdom from 50 VCs - Book

A Kindle book for $34? Worth it. The author, Andrew Romans, vetted CVCs and asked only the questions they were best suited to answer. Responses to each question are typically 1-3 pages, so the book doesn't drag, and it is not fluff. 

Database of CVC Deals - Global Corporate Venturing

Search CVC deals. 

GCV Symposium 2015 The Tipping Point for Corporate Venturing - YouTube Video, 31 min

Global Corporate Venturing is focused exclusively on CVCs. This is a panel from one of their conferences last year. ConoccoPhilipps, GM, Nokia and Siemens carry on a light conversation about their recent strategies.

The 56 Most Active CVCs Globally - CB Insights, Article

CB collected charts, tables and other data surrounding CVC. This page will give you a scope of the CVC ecosystem and point you towards some company pages you might want to explore. 


Investing in Breakthrough Corporate Venture Capital - Volans, Report

"As part of Volans' Breakthrough Capitalism program, we are proud to present a research report that reveals how some leading corporate venture capital (CVC) funds are investing in deals that provide financial return as well as social and/or environmental impact - and how, over time, more might do so." 

Corporate Venture Capital's Reputation Challenge - Econic, Article

 "Investor relations aside, new venture arms are worried that the broader reputation in the community will cripple their program's chances of signing the next industry unicorn." 

Christina Bechhold from Samsung's Global Innovation Center - I/O Podcast, 18 min.

Christina invests in startups for Samsung. We invited her to on to find out how investing as a corporate contrasts with traditional VC life, what sort of challenges she faces attracting great startups and how Samsung focuses their scope. 

Benchmarking Corporate Venture Capital  - CB Insights, Article

More from CB. Where has CVC been and where is it going? As always with CB, data. 

IFGS2016 Panel: Corporate Venture Capital with Santander Innoventures, Infosys, Citi and CME Group - Innovate Finance, Video

A panel of CVCs from the above companies discuss ROI, term sheets, reputations, and more on the state of Corporate Venture Capital.  


Evangelos Simoudis on Corporate VCs, Incubators and Startup Acquisitions - Collective Campus, Podcast

"Many corporations, unfortunately, confuse the establishment of a venture arm or the establishment of an accelerator as doing innovation. What I try to impart on them is that these are enablers to innovation, but by themselves they do not constitute innovation." 

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