Econic is made up of entrepreneurs and company innovators who've been in the trenches building startup and innovation ecosystems all over the world. We accelerate the impact of innovation by bringing together strategies, skills and collaborative spaces to organizations and the people building them.

 Innovation happens through collisions of people, ideas, and execution. Our first innovation collaborative space, located at FUSE Coworking, helps companies identify new market opportunities, develop talent, and enhance product development efforts—while surrounded by training, coaching, and a network of innovation professionals.

Membership to this invitation-only community of founders and innovators provides access to Econic's events and services, hands-on training, coaching, and research services, as well as ongoing access to Econic’s network from around the world.


Innovation doesn’t just happen. There are known skills, tools, and techniques proven to accelerate, enhance, and improve the chance of success. From lean startup to design thinking to portfolio and horizon management, Econic offers a variety of courses, accelerator programs, and skill academies developed to provide hands-on learning and actionable results.

Whether it's a 1/2 day introduction to startup execution, a week-long exploration of new business ideas, a 30-day immersive accelerator experience, or 12-week Code, Design, or Sales/Growth Academies, Econic's events deliver more impact and more insights.

Past courses have focused on:

  • Launching New Products - Customer and Market Validation
  • Hiring and Training Intrapreneurs
  • Metrics and The Innovation Dashboard
  • Corporate Innovation Accelerator - Launch & Optimization Services
  • Ideation and Execution
  • Trends In Innovation
  • Innovation Process Design
  • Intro to Experiment Design
  • Customer Development Interview Tactics
  • 7 Ways to Increase the Profitability of Innovation Initiatives

We also hold innovation workshops around the country. These events bring together entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers to mix, mingle and make together. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the calendar of upcoming events in your area.

Want an exclusive session for your internal team? Our startup-driven innovation experiences help you learn through hands-on, real-world execution and coaching.


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Whether you're looking for tools, talent or just an audit of the latest startups making waves in your industry, let us help you navigate the startup and innovation landscape. Want to jump start innovation and outgrow your competitors? Econic leverages relationships with an unprecedented network of startup communities, accelerators, and proprietary data sources to help you partner, invest, acquire or learn from startups aligned with your strategy and growth goals.

  • Innovation Management Process Design
  • Innovation Accounting and Metrics
  • Startup Scans - A personalized brief of the startups impacting your industry or business
  • Matchmaking - Econic will work to understand your organization's strategy, vision and culture - and then go about identifying startups that could accelerate your growth. 
  • Prototype Teams - Let us help you build, test, and validate minimum viable products and new product experiments.
  • Customer Validation & Business Model Canvas Development
  • Coaching, Team and Talent Assessments