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Lean Startup refers to a business development process that relies on quick changes as the needs of the company grows. It's a “search” process rather than an “execution”. In this section of the resource library, you are going to get a full rundown on what exactly Lean Startup means and how to get started with your own first experiments. You'll find valuable advice from larger companies that have adopted Lean Startup processes, learn how to evangelize for Lean Startup, and also get some first hand experience from our own team at Econic on how we've implemented Lean Startup for our clients. At the bottom of the page you'll find links to some of our favorite writers in the space. Enjoy! 


Covered in Lean Startup

  • What is the Lean Startup?
  • How do larger companies adopt Lean Startup processes successfully? 
  • How do I run my first experiments?
  • I'm not part of the board or leadership teams. How do I evangelize for Lean Startup in my organization?


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Beginner: New to Lean Startup

Eric Ries: Evangelizing for the Lean Startup - Eric Ries, Stanford, Video

"Speaker, author, and entrepreneur Eric Ries shares rapid fire wisdom on building nimble, responsive, and efficient online software-based businesses. He also offers his wisdom on streamlining processes and progressing engineering systems, and puts forth front line insight into why some new ideas succeed where others have failed."

7 Things I Learned About Lean Startup - David J. Bland, Medium Article

"Remember that the goal of the MVP isn't to scale or generate revenue, it's to learn in the market by generating qualitative & quantitative data." 

The Limits of the Lean Startup Method - Ted Ladd, HBR Article

"In my research with clean tech entrepreneurs, I found that teams that focused their testing on the triumvirate of target customer segment, value proposition, and channel performed twice as well as teams that did not spend much attention on those three categories." 

Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything - Steve Blank, HBR Article  

"The lean start-up methodology makes those concepts obsolete because it holds that in most industries customer feedback matters more than secrecy and that constant feedback yields better results than cadenced unveilings."

Lean Innovation Management - Making Corporate Innovation Work : Steve Blank, Article

 "In this new model, the Horizon level of innovation is defined by whether the business model is being executed or searched for." 



What Type of Lean Startup Experiment Should I Run - Tristan Kromer, Article

"Janice Fraser introduced me to the distinction of Generative vs. Evaluative: Generative – Research techniques which don’t necessarily start with a hypothesis, but result in many new ideas. e.g. Customer Discovery Interviews. Evaluative – Testing a specific hypothesis to get a clear yes or no result. e.g. Landing Page a.k.a Smoke tests. 

Scaling Lean (book preview) - Ash Maurya, Book


"However, simply running more experiments is not enough. More cycles around the build-measure-learn loop do not automatically lead to insights." 

Why BMW Invented the Venture Client Model : I/O Podcast, Gregor Gimmy & Mathias Meyer  

The founders of BMW's Startup Garage discuss their Lean approach to creating the ideal startup-corporate collaboration model. 

Regulated Innovation: How Two Large Banks Navigated the Challenges of Going Lean - Econic, Article

"We always say that the entrepreneur and intrapreneur should act like ninjas. The Samurai is all about honor - obeying the rules and following procedure. While the Ninja really want to get things done. It doesn't matter how, just get the results in the quickest way possible."

10 Resources to Help You Grow a Lean Startup : Product Hunt, Article

 "How do I gain early startup traction? How do I find a co-founder or build an early team? How do I come up with the cash to build an early team!? How do I know that my idea is even something people want?...And who in the world are those people, exactly?"

Hi Fly: A Lean Airline Story : Melissa Perri, Article  


"HiFly is an airline for hire. Because their planes are unmarked, they can fly routes for all major airlines and private companies. When an airline like Norwegian is starting out, they don't invest in new planes until they can justify the cost. So they operate at full capacity, with every jet being used at all times. If a plane needs to be repaired, they would have to cancel scheduled flights since there are no spares."  

Controversial Learnings from ING's Corporate Accelerator - I/O Podcast, Daniele Dondi

Daniele speaks with Josh Berry & Brian Ardinger about ING's Lean approach to a corporate accelerator. 



What Type of Lean Startup Experiment Should I Run? Tristan Kromer, Article

"There are a hundred reasons why we might get a false negative result from this test. There are also quite a few reasons why we might get a false positive! It’s difficult to interpret tests because often the hypothesis is fundamentally flawed or just vague."

Lessons Learned Building an MVP Inside the IRS : - Schneider & Gilchrist, Video  

Presentation from Lean Startup Week SF 2015

Behavioral Economics Experiments for Lean Startups : Brant Cooper, Article

"In our experience, the best time to begin exploring BE is once you already have your MVP in place, and you have a steady flow of customers producing minimal baseline metrics."  

A Lean Startup Definition of Innovation : Tendayi Vicki, Article

"To be successful, we have to understand that innovation is the combination of creative ideas and sustainably profitable business models."  

The Different Worldviews of a Startup : Ash Maurya, Article  

"Customers don't care about your solution either, but the problems (or obstacles) that keep them from achieving a goal or getting a job done." 

Prototype Thinking: The Next Evolution In Lean Startup : Sarah Harrison, Article

"Prototype Thinking helps us change our normal flow, from coming up with a business idea to formulating plans & specs to building, to instead go from coming up with a business idea straight to getting feedback from people in your target market. This helps inform our business plan, specs, and features before we invest any resources in building the wrong thing."   

Telefonica: Applying Lean Startup Principles in a Large Firm - Planet Lean, Article  

"Until 2011, failed innovation projects could cost us a lot in terms of money and time. With lean startup we have minimized the risk by minimizing the resources invested, we even had projects that were not working and could be killed in the first three weeks ("fail fast, fail cheap" is another important principle). 

How to Intentionally Design a Lean Startup Culture Alexander Osterwalder, Video

Presentation from Lean Startup Week SF 2015

How Corporates Can Lean Into the Future with Lean Startup  - Jason Fraser, Slideshare Presentation 

Lean Startup and Lean Analytics in the Enterprise : Ben Yoskovitz, Article

"You need to design scorecards and focus on key metrics that will really resonate. Even if managers ask for "more data" they don't really want to see more data. They want answers to questions.  

The Lean Startup Experiment Canvas : Bloom, Tool


 "Although the canvas is designed to be self-explanatory, it could be helpful to have a guide to use the canvas in your team. The text below explains how to use the lean enterprise experiment canvas."


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