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  • Introduce yourself to the concept of Lean Startup
  • Hear other companies share Lean Startup success stories in their organizations 
  • Watch short clips answering common questions about Lean Startup 
  • Discover the best thinkers and content developers in the Lean Startup space
  • Move forward with assumptions mapping, experiment design and more methodologies 

Included in the curriculum


50 Slides of Just the Basics

Your lesson starts with 50+ slides about the very basics of Lean Startup: 

What is it?

Why do companies use it?

What are some of the most common tools and methodologies employed by Lean Startup practitioners? 



Recorded live from Lean Startup Co. SF

We setup a podcast booth at Lean Startup SF and interviewed speakers and guests on the practical implementation of Lean Startup Methodologies. Get all of our recordings from the Conference, including 10-20 minute episodes with: 

Eric Shulz, Lean Startup Coach, John Deere

Ash Maurya, Author Scaling Lean

Dan Olsen, Author Lean Product Playbook

Laura Klein, Author Build Better Products


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Companies ask, we answer

Q: How have your clients learned and benefited from these principles and methodologies? 

Q:  How do we monitor the impact Lean Startup thinking has on our business?

Q: How do we get our employees excited about adopting Lean Startup methodologies? 


Tools and must-read articles from the best in Lean Startup

Our Resource Library links you to all of these great thinkers and more. We'll supplement each lesson with the articles, videos and tools developed by Lean Startup practitioners. 

Visit our Lean Startup page now for a shortlist of some of our favorites. 

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